Payroll Staffing

We provide payroll staffing services to local employers and foreign businesses looking to set up in Dubai, UAE.

. Choose the personnel you want to work for you and avoid the process of placing them on your payroll. OnTime Manpower will quickly and seamlessly become the Employer of Record for as many people as you choose for as long as you need them. OnTime Manpower will fund and prepare the payroll as well as assume all mandatory tax and legal liabilities. Your company will immediately benefit from the utilization of specialty skilled individuals or project teams.

Our comprehensive outsourced payroll service covers:

  • Advice on UAE labour laws
  • Company and employee registration functionalities.
  • Initial payroll set-up & Pay computations
  • Generation of payroll reports
  • Payment distribution to employees and remittance of other deductions
  • Statutory deductions, payments and filings
  • Process, distribute and file annual employee and statutory returns

With our work and ease of inputs, Companies would be able to:

  • Evaluate personnel on the job before hiring.
  • Utilize specialized skills for projects.
  • Circumvent headcount mandates.
  • Staff entire departments indefinitely